EarthClub was founded with a key essential, but-simple proposition: to connect the world with renewable resources at the touch of a button. Reuters has recently dubbed the young startup as the “Amazon of Renewables” as it has the aptitude and personnel to be so. EARTHCLUB’s FOUNDER & CEO Ken Reece who is a 2-time United Nations Youth Assembly Moderator & Speaker has spoken in depth about what the project entails. “When we look at the application for Blockchain technology and a decentralized economy we get excited. We get excited because of where we are right now in history and the ability to be a part of a revolutionary progression for the future. As the planet has gone from coal, to steam, to industrial, to the internet age – one thing is certain….. Things change. The internet made this planet and world we live in small. It connected the common man & woman through laughter, information, education, and commerce. What we will accomplish over the next 2 years with great help from the citizens of Earth is to take the 2 of most expansive areas of technology today, Renewable Energy & E-Commerce, and usher them into tomorrow. Solareum will seek to make a difference in having a company that will be #DoingWellByDoingGood. Solareum wants to bridge the gap for mankind to participate in their planet.”

EarthClub has recently announced plans to purchase EarthClub Home & Renewables , The fastest growing solar company in the US through market reach. Some other recent wins & accomplishments have been participating in NYC Climate Week, Partnering with causes such as Nomore.org, PETA, Water.org, HomeAdvisor, and Sunpower. EarthClub is also going through registration to be listed as a Public Benefit Corporation by January 2019.

Contact Information

Phone: (877) 212-7984
Email: support@earth.club
Address: 1 World Trade Center #8500 New York, NY 10007


If you’re interested in employment opportunities at EARTHCLUB, please email us: support@earth.club